Parking Lot Management


LEI Corporation has handled commercial properties of all sizes all across New England. As your one-stop commercial landscaping professionals, our objective is to keep your entire parking lot safe, accessible, and free of debris.

We want your business to appear in top shape to everyone who pulls into your parking lot. Optimal design, sound construction, safety, functionality, and aesthetics are the focus in every commercial property we handle. Your parking lot is the first image that your potential clients and business partners will see on your property. Make sure that you leave a lasting impression with LEI Corporation. As your one-stop commercial landscaping professionals, we will work from the ground-up to cover all of your commercial property’s exterior care. Just provide your address – LEI Corporation will add the curb appeal.

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Here are a few ways we can assist you:

Litter Control Power Sweeping
Pot Hole Repair Crack Filling
Sealcoating Line Striping
Catch Basin Cleaning