Benefits of Commercial Landscaping For Your Business

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Benefits of Commercial Landscaping For Your Business

No matter the type of business, target customers, or size of your company, first impressions always matter. How prospective and existing clients see your business plays a huge role in their decision-making. It sets an irresistible standard for your company, denoting reliability and proficiency. 

So how can you create a positive first impression? One of the most effective strategies is to make your commercial property attractive, which starts with the exterior because it is the first thing people see when they visit. Landscaping represents most of the exterior, and everyone appreciates visually appealing landscapes.  

Appearances of your business can also affect the productivity of your employees. You can boost their productivity by creating an appealing work environment to come into each day. A beautiful landscape can increase the value of your property– and one that is as well-planned as it is beautiful can promote safety and security. Your landscaping can save you extra time, energy, and money when done right.

As an experienced landscaper in New England, we have compiled a list of the main benefits of commercial landscaping for all types of businesses. This list will give you insight into why a tastefully designed landscape is essential for your commercial property.

Improves Curb Appeal

People react to attractive things subconsciously and instantly. Beautiful things impact our minds psychologically, so it’s natural for people to get allured by gorgeous plants and trees. When drivers see attractive landscapes, they usually slow down and stare. The appearance of your exterior sets a standard for your business, and perception is powerful. Getting attracted to the external appearance of a commercial property can initiate curiosity about the products or services of the business. Well-designed and appealing landscapes can help your business draw more clients without stress. 

Generates More Revenue

Landscaping captivates customers and makes them value your business. When prospects come to your building, they will see green grasses, beautiful flowers, and strategically placed trees, among other aesthetic features. These additions will likely tempt customers to spend more on your products and services. This is because most customers perceive businesses that spend on their upkeep as competent, and everyone wants to patronize a reputable business.  

In addition, research shows that clients buy more from a business that’s appealing to them. Customers deem elegance and neatness as a sign of efficiency and reliability. Therefore they are more likely to trust neat and well-kept businesses than sloppy ones. Landscaping positively affects your business’s image; it can be why more people are paying for your products and services.

Improves Employee Morale and Well-being 

Studies have proven that an attractive work environment can boost employees’ morale and productivity. Fortunately, landscaping is one of the best ways to make your commercial building gorgeous. It’s the first thing your employees will see when they arrive at work, which can inspire them for the day’s work. 

Many employees do not take enough breaks at work, limiting their productivity and overall well-being. The absence of work relaxation areas is the main cause of burnout at some workplaces. You can create an inviting landscape design that promotes breaks and recharge opportunities. A lovely landscape will create a place where your workers can clear their minds and enjoy the fresh air. They can easily recover from the stress of their job to become motivated and revitalized, which ultimately improves their well-being and productivity. Efficient employees mean satisfied customers. When customers are happy with your business, they will continue to support you and tell other people about your products. 

Increase Property Value

Landscaping is an investment that will yield a significant return from the resale of a commercial property. With the high competition in the commercial property market, aesthetic improvement is a vital investment in any commercial property. 

According to a recent report, landscaping can increase the resale price of commercial property by as much as 14 percent. Also, landscaping can expedite the whole process of selling a building by as many as 6 weeks. The report shows that landscaping is essential for getting the most value for your property. 

After designing your commercial landscape, regular maintenance is important to retain the highest value of the building. Keep this in mind when you’re hiring a landscaping firm. It’s easier and better to negotiate regular maintenance of the designed landscape with the same business landscaper.  

While ensuring regular maintenance of your landscape, ask for additional landscape features that can make buyers value your property more. The best area to add these extra features includes your parking lot, walkway, water feature, and signs. 

Promotes Security and Safety

Landscaping is effective in improving health, security, and safety. A well-planned commercial landscape can keep your visitors and employees safe and protected. How can you do this? 

Regular landscape maintenance will ensure that overgrown trees and hedges are trimmed properly to avoid blind spots seen in vehicles. Timely trimming will ensure that your pathways and driveways are clear and safe for pedestrians and drivers. 

To keep your building secured, you can install lighting on walkways and driveways to keep your surroundings illuminated at night. Also, good lighting on walkways can be helpful in dark winter mornings and evenings. Landscaping is also useful for blocking areas not meant to be accessed by strangers or trespassers. 

Saves Time, Energy, and Money

The maintenance of a commercial landscape can be time-consuming and costly. With the help of a professional business landscaper, you can save time and money for other business tasks. Knowing that your landscaping is in good hands will give you more time to focus on other important things contributing to your company’s success. 

Professional landscaping requires standard equipment that gets the desired result on time. Hiring a landscaping company means your business won’t need to purchase this equipment, saving you more money. Outsourcing your landscaping will save your company from unnecessary hassle and expenses. We recommend suitable maintenance routines at LEI for our clients based on their landscaping requirements. 

Shows Your Care For the Environment 

When your commercial landscape is appropriately designed and maintained, it demonstrates your adoration of the environment to customers. People love organizations that implement eco-friendly practices. With the current climate change problems, businesses that try to make the world a better place are praised. Also, showing your good intentions for the environment distinguishes you from competitors. 

Landscaping might seem simple, but it offers many environmental advantages. Trees and other green plants improve air quality by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Green plants absorb around one-third of the world’s emissions every year. Tree leaves absorb toxic gases and pollutants like nitrogen oxides, ammonia, smoke, and sulfur dioxide. Planting greenery around your commercial property will remove these pollutants and improve the condition of the environment. Paying for the service of a commercial landscaping company will ensure that you maximize your landscape to improve the environment. 

Increases Privacy 

Landscaping can provide privacy for your commercial property. It is also a good option for creating barriers between your buildings and other buildings. Planting some shrubs and trees in certain locations in your surroundings can screen out noises and reduce visibility. This creates a serene atmosphere and a private space for your customers. Privacy can benefit your business in so many ways. Many people value serenity and privacy since other individuals won’t see what they are doing. Besides, popular individuals will appreciate such privacy. Thus, commercial landscaping can attract such clients to your business. 

Protects Buildings from Soil Erosion 

Soil erosion can be dangerous for buildings on slopes. Heavy water drainage from rainfall removes sediments that keep the building’s structure intact. However, plants have roots that can hold the soil together to prevent erosion. Plants protection through landscaping can protect buildings from the drastic effect of runoffs. Strategic landscaping can extend the lifespan of your commercial building and improve its quality by limiting erosion. If experts do landscaping, it can maintain water quality by preventing sediments from contaminating the water system. 

Professional Landscaping is What You Need 

Commercial landscape designs can’t be created and implemented by just anyone, even if your commercial property is built on a small or large outdoor space. Planning and designing an elegant and functional landscape requires special skills and tools that probably any of your staff doesn’t have. You need the services of a renowned landscaper to enjoy the benefits of commercial landscaping fully. 

LEI has a team of commercial landscaping experts that safely provide the best quality of work using up-to-date equipment. Our team is always enthusiastic about helping businesses enjoy the benefits of commercial landscaping.  

From planning to implementation, we focus on helping our customers realize the positive impact of landscaping. Our company can suggest affordable commercial landscape designs to keep your exterior attractive for years to come.

For more than 30 years, we have satisfied the landscaping needs of many businesses in Massachusetts, allowing them to create and maintain first impressions. We can make your landscape a site you love! Contact us now to know more about how our team can make commercial landscape work for your company.[/et_pb_text]

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