How to Prepare your Commercial Landscape for Spring

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How to Prepare your Commercial Landscape for Spring

Spring is here, and your commercial landscape is due for renewal and preparation for the growing season. Taking care of your landscape in spring is crucial for a fresh and attractive landscape in summer. 

But how do you get your commercial landscape ready for spring? What do you need to do to make your landscape look appealing? And how can you get the tasks done successfully? 

In this post, we’ll review the essential tasks for keeping your commercial landscapes in good shape in spring and how to do it correctly. Let’s dive in. 

Prepare Your Soil 

As the weather gets warmer and the soil thaws, getting garden beds ready for plant growth is essential. Winter conditions lead to soil compaction, which reduces the spaces (pores) between soil particles. This means less water and gasses for your plants. Fortunately, tilling can loosen the soil and create spaces. After tilling, water the soil and add a well-composted mulch for a better-growing environment. In some cases, the soil might need more improvement. A quick soil test can reveal whether the soil needs more nutrients or pH adjustment. 

Mulch and Fertilize

Late winter or early spring is the perfect time to mulch your grounds. This is because mulch limits weeds’ growth and stops them from sprouting throughout spring, reducing your weed troubles in summer. To allow your grasses to breathe and grow with the mulching, keep well-composted mulch on the soil but remove fresh mulch to expose the ground.

Fertilizing your landscape is vital when the snow and ice on your grounds eventually thaw. Doing this will provide all the nutrients your landscape needs to bounce back easily from dormancy. But, you need to consult an expert (a commercial property landscaper) for the type of fertilizer that suits your plants. 

Get Rid of Debris and Weeds 

Winter can make your landscape look messy — heavy winter storms can break tree branches and litter your lawn with debris. The warmer weather in spring is great for clearing out everything winter left behind. Since snow isn’t all over the place anymore, you can easily rake dead organic matter of leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris. Ensure you remove all the mess and move them to the compost pile. 

The improved weather condition in spring can make weeds spread on your landscape. So it’s vital to clear weeds out when you see them in your commercial space. Remove them completely (with their root) to prevent their recovery. Otherwise, they will limit the growth of your grasses and flowers. 

Plant Spring Shrubs and Flowers 

Garden beds and seasonal flowers give commercial landscape colors that boost curb appeal. And guess what? Spring is the best time to plant those flowers because they will have enough time to grow and bloom. Spring is the season of rebirth — plants get the light, warmth, and water they need to grow in spring. 

Repair Places Damaged by Snow Plows

Winter comes with a lot of snow and ice that covers walkways, driveways, and parking lots. Removing the excess snow and ice with snow plows, salt, and shovels can damage landscapes. These damages become more noticeable in spring, making landscapes look off-putting. 

You need to fix the imperfections to make your commercial landscape look its best in spring and beyond. Fill all cracks and holes. And add extra seeds, sod, or soil to bare spots. When you make the necessary changes, you will improve the appearance and overall health of your landscape significantly. 

Begin Pest Control 

Pests love healthy landscapes because it provides good shelter and abundant food for them. They literally destroy plants and the soil to stay alive. Unsurprisingly, pests are commercial property owners’ and managers’ nightmares. Luckily, a pest management plan can keep them off your commercial landscape. 

Of course, spring is a great time to start your pest control plans. The earlier you start controlling pests, the better the chances of your plants’ survival. However, if your commercial property is located in New England, you need the expertise of a commercial landscaper to create and implement an effective pest management or treatment plan in the area. 

Prune Trees and Other Plants

In winter, the excessive ice and snowfall damage trees and shrubs. With less snow and frost in spring, you can easily cut-off dead and damaged branches. Also, the foliage of trees and shrubs is not yet grown in spring, so you can easily identify branches that need to be pruned. 

Spring is perfect for pruning trees and shrubs since it fastens their growth. Trees bloom on new wood, and shaping plants before fully recovering from dormancy maximizes their growth. Besides, trimming plants and removing dead or damaged branches will make your landscape look more attractive. 

Repair Damaged Irrigation System

Different irrigation system issues can arise in the colder months. Pipes can get frozen, sprinkler systems can crack and leak, and ice can burst pipes. All these problems can stop your irrigation from functioning optimally, meaning many plants on your landscape won’t get sufficient water all season. Checking your irrigation system in spring and fixing the damages winter caused can keep your plants green. But you need the help of a professional to handle the repairs without causing more damage.  

Spruce Up Your Entryways 

As the snow piles disappear, the dirt or grime at your commercial property’s entrance becomes visible. You don’t want people, especially prospects, to see dirt at your door. Clean up your entrance and make it look good in spring. And keep it clean regularly to maximize the impact of an appealing entryway on your clients. As the weather gets warmer, you can also add colorful potted plants to your entrance to grab more attention.  

Choose LEI Corporation for your Spring Commercial Landscaping

Do you need the professional services of a commercial landscaper in New England? You’re at the right place. Whether you need to clean up the mess winter left, fix damages, or enhance the appearance of your landscape, our landscaping experts at LEI Corporation will take care of your needs. Send us a message or call us at (866) 649-4368 or (508) 865-4367 to schedule a consultation. You will be glad you did.

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